IO-Link Doagnosis Tool

IO-Link communication covers the "last meters" to the industrial end device, e.g. a sensor or an actuator, as a point-to-point connection. The connection of the end devices is carried out via an intermediary IO-Link-Master and at least a 3-core cable with standardised connectors.

 IO-Link Stromversorgung
IO-Link Plugs

The majority of end devices can be powered directly via the mains power of 24V.

  • Manufacturers of sensors and actuators
  • Manufacturers of interfaces between field bus systems and field devices
  • Complete solution providers in control technology

IO-Link sensors and actuators can be connected to different fieldbus systems, if an appropriate IO-Link master gateway is available. Cost effective microcontrollers allow integration of more sophisticated functionality, even into simple devices. IO-Link offers a standardized method to access these functions.

International standardization according to ISO 61131-9 guarantees extensive compatibility between devices from different manufacturers. The advantages of IO-Link are based on three points:

  • Simplification of installation
  • Simplification of configuration and parameterization
  • Additional diagnosis capabilities
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