IO-Link Tablet Master available

04. Okt 2018

The Tablet contains a fully certified IO-Link master and an intuitive graphical user interface that can be operated via its integrated touch screen or remotely (Wi-Fi) using a regular Tablet (iPad, Android, Windows Tablet).
The integrated Parameterization and Device Configuration Software includes an IODD parser and provides different modes of operation for different type of users like Maintenance, Observer, Specialist and Sales. 
The tablet uses a simple and versatile web interface which allows the uploading and managing of the IODD files and it also allows to upload device firmware files (IOLFW).
The IO-Link Tablet supprorts automatic selection of an prestored IODD file for the connected IO-Link device. It is also able to indicate and start the firmware update procedure if a matching firmware file is available on the tablet.

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