Software Entwicklung

Software development

We primarily develop application software and drivers for embedded systems. We are familiar with many kinds of embedded systems and SoCs, from 8-Bit, 16-Bit, to 32-Bit CPUs, and their many interfaces and data storage types. Here a selection of technologies used so far:

  • Microprocessors:  ATXmega, MSP430, Pic32,  STM8/32, TCC8300, EFM32, LPC43xx, LPC111x, 8051 (Silicon Labs), ColdFire-MCF5329, SAM, TMS320, ADAU1445, Blackfin ADSP21488 & ADSP BF516, AVR AT32AP7000 & AT91SAM, 65C02
  • FPGA: Lattice MachXO2
  • Standard interfaces: I2C, SPI, UART; USB, Ethernet
  • Audio/Video interfaces: I2S, TDM, BT656, HDMI, analogue
  • Industrial interfaces: IO-Link, Profinet, Ethercat, CAN, HART
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, Wireless-M-Bus, IEC 802.15.4, proprietary data transfer systems
  • Data storage: SRAM, SD-RAM, DDR2-RAM, NOR-Flash, NAND-Flash, EEPROM; SD cards


Depending on the project, the development can include the incorporation of operating systems like RTOS, Linux, Android, etc. We also offer the development of PC-based software for e.g. the communication with or control of embedded systems. We have experience with a variety of development environments, e.g. Keil, IAR, Eclipse, Netbeans, Rhapsody, CodeComposer-Studio, the Gnu Toolchain.

If required, our engineers can integrate into existing customer’s teams. We are familiar with various development processes like agile methods.

Software Quality

Our software development services include:

  • Analysis of requirements and definition of software interfaces
  • Development and simulation of algorithms with Mathematica, Matlab, SciLab, Simulink, ..
  • Software implementation using various programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Assembler; VHDL, ...
  • Module testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Integration of the developed software on target hardware; integration tests
  • Software development using version control systems (SVN, CVS)
  • Documentation (Doxygen, Word documents), Test reports

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