TEConcept has been an accredited IO-Link Competence Center since 2013. 

As Competence Center we offer the following services:



Companies that want to design IO-Link products need to define the basic behavior of their product with respect to IO-Link. The IO-Link specification offers a large degree of freedom for selecting design parameters. TEConcept offers support in the definition of the communication interface and in the choice of the right design parameters and optimal hardware components.

Adding IO-Link to existing products typically requires only minor hardware extensions and some software extensions. TEConcept offers quick and cost effective solutions that are tailored to various scenarios.

If you are short on development resources, we also offer complete product development including hardware design, software design, and certification tests for IO-Link products based on requirements specifications.

Conformance Testing

The usage of the IO-Link text- and picture label requires a signed manufacturer declaration that states the successful execution of a variety of conformance tests. These tests are protocol tests, physical layer tests and EMC-tests. TEConcept offers the running of all these tests as a service.

Reference Designs:

TEConcept develops reference designs that use IO-Link components such as transceivers or controllers.

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