Can technology be considered beautiful?

It would seem that an idea that is valid for works of art, countryside, or the beauties of nature, can also be applied to laws of nature.

"It is remarkable that nature is governed by clear principles; it is however also remarkable, that these can be expressed in such a simple mathematical form" is a point of view that Albert Einstein never tired of expressing.

Technical solutions which are based on simple, clearly structured basic principles can also be seen as beautiful.

The seemingly delicate supporting constructions of a gothic cathedral or a cleanly developed, symmetrical layout possess an inherent beauty, perhaps as a direct result of the obviousness of their functionality. In the same way beauty, as found in simplicity, clarity or symmetry in mathematics or physics, is seen as evidence of the truth of a theory or statement. Technical solutions which are considered beautiful are often more stable, more efficient and more productive than highly complex developments. For this reason, our belief that a technical development should not merely fulfill the customer requirements, but should also be capable of being considered "beautiful" is one of the ideas that distinguishes TEConcept. The literal interpretation of "art" in "the art of engineering" is what makes technology fun for us.

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