Our Team in Freiburg i. Brsg., Germany

TEConcept GmbH Team
  • Ingo Kamps, Hardware developer
  • Dipl.-Ing Johannes Moser, Software developer
  • Hans-Rainer Gansewig, Marketing & Sales
  • Dr.-Ing. Franz-Otto Witte, CEO
  • Dr. rer.nat. Guido Mocken, Software developer
  • Dr. rer.nat. Annerose Knorz, Project Manager
  • Tobias Frick, Software developer
  • Simon Junker, Software developer
  • Yevgenij Palaguta, Sales
  • Kerstin Zehnle, Accounting
  • Meredith Witte, Sales/Shipping
  • Alexander Spitzmesser, IT

Our Team in Szeged, Hungary

TEConcept Hungary Team
  • Kaszás, Péter, Dipl.-Ing., Software engineer
  • Kószó, Áron, MSc., Software engineer
  • Kovács, Marcell, BSc., Software engineer
  • Molnár, Lóránd, Dipl.-Ing., CEO/Software engineer
  • Székács, Ákos, Dipl-Ing., Software engineer
  • Tari, Jozsef, Software engineer
  • Seres, Mate, Software engineer
  • Juhasz, Kristof, Software engineer
  • Gecse, Attila, Project Manager
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