1-Port Master

Current sensors and actuators are equipped with small but powerful microprocessors that introduce advanced features like parameterization and diagnostics to these devices. However, those features are currently not visible to standardized project planning tools.

IO-LinkTM, the new bi-directional, digital, point-to-point communication standard (IEC 61131-9) now offers a standardized mapping of advanced sensor and actuator features into the automation tool environment.

The 1-Port USB Master is ideally suited for engineering purposes and small PC-based applications.

It uses the STMicroelectronics L6360 transceiver chip. A Windows based graphical user interface is included that reads IO-Link device descriptor files and offers an easy way to connect to all kinds of IO-Link devices.

1-Port USB Master Features

  • Fully IO-Link V1.1.2 compliant
  • All COM-speeds supported
  • Data storage supported
  • M12 IO-Link connector
  • DIN rail mount
  • PC-Tool included with
    • IODD interpreter
    • Process data visualization
    • Event visualization
    • Parameter R/W access
    • IODD menu structure support
    • IODD user role support
    • Socket interface for process data
  • Windows DLL option available for customized and software based access to the Master

Usage of the USB 1-Port Master

  • Simple evaluation of devices
  • Engineering support
  • Device testing

USB-1-Port-Master Documentation

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