IO-Link Diagnosis Tool


The IO-Link Diagnosis Tool analyzes the IO-Link signal both electrically and logically. It is an essential tool for engineers and users of IO-Link technology to identify any kind of issues in the IO-Link connection.

Functional Description

The Diagnosis Tool is based on a high-speed multi-channel A/D converter that measures voltages and currents on both the C/Q and the L+ line. The measured data are transferred via USB to a software running on a Windows PC.

The IO-Link communication can be analyzed seamlessly on byte-level, on M-sequence level, on protocol level and even on application level. In the latter case, the IO-Link communication is visible in clear text. Folding, filtering and search functions simplify issue identification.

It is also possible to visualize sections as waveforms, and even eye-diagrams for Master and Device signals can be extracted.

Typically, the Diagnosis Tool is inserted between Master and Device. However, an integrated Master allows checking of Devices without an external Master. The tracked communication is shown and recorded directly on a PC.

Diagnosis Tool Features

  • Timing accurate IO-Link signal analysis
  • High speed, IO-Link synchronized ADC
  • Timing precise software UART decoding
  • Optional hardware signal direction detection
  • Byte-, frame-, protocol- or IODD-based decoding
  • Sophisticated filtering and search features
  • Device image collection of all data sent
  • Data storage image collection
  • Recording of IO-Link byte stream to PC/SD-card
  • Analog signal view for UL+, IL+, UCQ, ICQ
  • Serial decoding in analogue waveform view
  • Eye diagram view separated for Device/Master
  • Interactive rulers for analogue measurements
  • new: Trigger-Out connector in V2.0
  • User calibration support
  • Integrated master


  • Fast and easy IO-Link issue analysis
  • Logical and electrical issue detection
  • Suitable for development and application

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